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Title: Experimental low-dimensional estimate of the turbulent fluctuations in a Mach 0.6 jet.

Description: Near field pressure fluctuations in the hydrodynamic periphery of an axisymmetric, Mach 0.6 jet are used to estimate the axial component fluctuations between x/D=1 and 6. A proper orthogonal decomposition is performed and the estimate comprises only the first few most energetic azimuthal modes of the first POD mode. For each low-dimensional reconstruction (left column), its corresponding "simplified" source field is computed (right column).

Credits: C.E. Tinney

References: [1] Tinney, C.E., Jordan, P., Delville, J., Hall, A.M., and Glauser, M.N. (2007) "A time-resolved estimate of the turbulence and sound source mechanisms in a subsonic jet flow," J. of Turbulence, 8:7.

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Contributed By: C.E.Tinney, University of Texas at Austin, ASE / EM Dept.

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