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Title: Molecular motion ahead of an impulsively accelerated piston

Description: Motion of individual nitrogen molecules ahead of an impulsively accelerated piston shown in green and traveling at 1,000 m/s. A red plane shows the location of the resulting shock wave, which is reflected off the stationary wall (shown in blue) after it hits the opposite end.

The video only shows a small section of the actual computational domain, which extends in both shock-parallel directions. The nitrogen molecules are visualized as dumbells.

Credits: Stefan Schlamp and Bryan C. Hathorn

References: [1] Schlamp, S., Hathorn, B. C. (2006) "Molecular orientation in shock waves," Physics of Fluids 18(9):096101.
[2] Schlamp, S., Hathorn, B. C. (2007) "Higher moments of the velocity distribution function in shock waves in dense fluids," Journal of Computational Physics 223(1):305-315.
[3] Schlamp, S., Hathorn, B. C. (2007) "Incomplete molecular chaos in shock waves," Physical Review E 76(2):026314.
[4] Schlamp, S., Hathorn, B. C. (2008) "Atomistic phenomena in dense fluid shock waves," Shock Waves, 17(6):397-407.

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Contributed By: Stefan Schlamp

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