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Title: Buckled phase in a sheared colloidal film

Description: This is a movie of a buckled pattern that is formed when a dense colloidal suspension is confined to a gap that can hold fewer than six layers of particles and is subjected to high shear. The movie starts with the focal plane at the bottom layer of particles, which is static. As the movie progresses, the focal plane moves up to the top layer of particles, which is adjacent to the moving plate, and then back down to the bottom layer. The movie was taken by Itai Cohen. The music for this movie was composed by Vinay Prabhakar.

Credits: Itai Cohen, Vinay Prabhakar

References: Cohen I., Mason T.G., Weitz D.A., "Shear-induced configurations of confined colloidal suspensions," PRL 93: 046001 (Jul 2004)

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Contributed By: Itai Cohen

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