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Title: "Black hole" nucleation in a splash of milk - 2008 DFD

Description: This video shows the impact dynamics of a millimeter-size drop of milk onto a superhydrophobic substrate that is spinning at a constant rate. We use high-speed imaging (Phantom V9, 4000 frames/s) to record the motion of the drop impacting the center of a superhydrophobic spinning disk and vary the velocity of impact V and the rotation rate ω.

For low values of both V and ω, the drop bounces off the disk as observed on many stationary (ω = 0) superhydrophobic substrates. For intermediate speeds the drop spreads on the surface, retracts, and then breaks up into smaller droplets. For larger values of both V and ω, the drop dewets via the nucleation of a dry spot at the center of the spreading liquid sheet. In summary, we observe a rich variety of dynamics for drop impact on spinning superhydrophobic substrates: bouncing, retracting (“spiders”) and dewetting (“black holes”).

Credits: Laurent Courbin, James C. Bird, Andrew Belmonte, and Howard A. Stone


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