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Title: Formation of a laminar ring vortex

Description: The formation process of viscous laminar ring vortices was calculated numerically. An experiment was simulated in which the vortices are produced by ejecting water from a pipe into a quiescent environment by means of a piston. The results of these calculations showed that the formation laws given for inviscid plane vortices are also valid for the formation process of viscous ring vortices. The evolving line in the example represents the trajectory of the vortex center.

Parameters: nozzle diameter = 5 cm, velocity = 4.6 cm/s, ejection time = 1.522 s.

Credits: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) Project Bo693/12-1/2/3

References: [1] M. Hettel, F. Wetzel, P. Habisreuther, H. Bockhorn, (2007). Numerical Verification of the Similarity Laws for the Formation of Laminar Vortex Rings. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 590, 35-60

[2] Matthias Hettel, (2006), Analytische und numerische Untersuchungen der Dynamik von Vormischflammen sowie deren Interaktion mit Ringwirbelstrukturen , Dissertation, Karlsruhe

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Contributed By: Matthias Hettel

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