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Title: Fluids toy - Colors in Motion, density differential driven flow

Description: Colors In Motion™

This novelty toy has four chambers. The left side is separated from the right. On each side, upper and lower chambers are connected via two funnel-shaped openings. Equal amounts of two immiscible liquids with different densities fill chambers on each side; small amount of air is also present. Upon inverting the toy, several flow situations can be observed: rapid transfer of heavier liquid to the lower chambers due to air bubbles rising, slow drop by drop flow, and drops changing to stream (shown in the last photo). Drops first pool on the interface and eventually coalesce. Also demonstrated is non-wettability of this toy! For more information on this toy and how it could be used in education, contact Said Shakerin at

Colors in Motion are trademark by Westminster Inc., Atlanta, GA



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Contributed By: Said Shakerin

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