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Title: Aqua Drop - Superhydrophobic Toy

Description: This novelty toy is made of a plastic enclosure with a (white) surface that allows water drops to bead up with large contact angle of about 150 degrees, in the range of super-hydrophobic. An eyedropper is included with the toy, and drops can be introduced onto the surface via a hole on the side of the casing. The goal is to park drops in several depressions around the maze on the surface. This is challenging as a slight tilt of a few degrees causes the water drops to roll (due to super-hydrophobicity of the surface). Notice the large drops/blobs in the right side corners in the photo (cover removed for clarity). The white surface has nanometer size roughness and it is coated/made with a polymer giving it the “Lotus Effect.” The surface can be very easily scratched. There are four different versions of this toy. Cost ~ $18.

Credits: Photos by Said Shakerin


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Contributed By: Said Shakerin, School of Engineering & Computer Science, University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA

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