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Title: Bubble-laden turbulent boundary layer

Description: Evolution of quasi-streamwise vortex tubes and wall streaks in a bubble-laden turbulent boundary layer over a flat plate.

Credits: Ferrante A., Elghobashi S. (University of California, Irvine),Adams P., Valenciano M., Longmire D. (U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center)

References: 1. Ferrante A., Elghobashi S., Adams P., Valenciano M., Longmire D. (2004) "Evolution of Quasi-Streamwise Vortex Tubes and Wall Streaks in a Bubble-Laden Turbulent Boundary Layer over a Flat Plate"
, Physics of Fluids 16 (no.9), S2.
2. Ferrante, A. & Elghobashi, S. E. (2004) "On the physical mechanisms of drag reduction in a spatially developing turbulent boundary layer laden with microbubbles", J. Fluid Mechanics*, 503, pp. 345-355.
3. Ferrante, A. & Elghobashi, S. E. (2004) "A robust method for generating inflow conditions for direct numerical simulations of spatially-developing turbulent boundary layers", J. Comp. Phys., 198, 372-387.

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Contributed By: Antonino Ferrante

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