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Title: Water Sprayer

Description: When air is blown over the top of the vertical straw, Bernoulli’s equations shows that the local pressure at the tip must be decreased. Since the local velocity will go from zero to some non-zero value the pressure must decrease. When the local pressure at the top of the straw decreases, the air in the rest of the vertical straw will have a pressure that is higher and would therefore be pulled up toward the top of the straw. As the air travels up the straw, a slight vacuum is created between the air and water that causes the water to also be pulled up the straw. As this decrease in pressure continues, the water is eventually travel to the tip of the straw and flow out the top.

Credits: Reimi Yonekura, Rich Wlezien, Erich Tisch, NSF


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Contributed By: Erich Tisch

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