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Title: Hair Dryer

Description: When the air comes out of the hair dryer, its velocity profile is shaped like a top hat. As the air travels up, the profile becomes more parabolic with the velocity fastest in the middle of the stream. As the ping-pong ball is placed in the stream, it will be suck into the middle of the stream where there is the highest velocity. If the ping-pong ball ever waivers to the side of the stream, the air in the middle will be traveling faster than the sides and so the pressure will be lower in the middle creating a suction for the ball. Therefore when the hair dryer is tilted and gravity may start to pull the ball to one side of the stream but the velocity profile keeps it in the center of the air stream.

Credits: Reimi Yonekura, Rich Wlezien, Erich Tisch, NSF


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Contributed By: Erich Tisch

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