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Title: Digital PIV of mammalian swimming - 2008 DFD

Description: The first two clips shown are of two elite swimmers performing the breaststroke and freestyle strokes, respectively. The experiments were run using the flume at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Microbubbles (<1 mm), created by the flume, were the seeding particles and flood lights were used to illuminate them. The remaining clips are of dolphins swimming in their tank, where microbubbles are used again and sunlight is the illumination source. The third clip shows a dolphin swimming at a constant velocity in its tank. A vortex can be seen being shed off of its tail. The fourth clip also shows the dolphin swimming, but now he is instructed to keep his rostrum on a pole at all times, the pole is being pulled along by a trainer. This forces him to kick more frequently in the field of view, thus allowing the interactions between vortex pairs to be seen. The fifth clip is the dolphin accelerating from rest. A vortex can be seen in the upper left hand portion of the video. The final clip shows the difficulties when working with animals. Here the dolphin was supposed to perform the same behavior as the previous clip but, as can be seen, he decides to do something different.

Credits: Paul Legac, Timothy Wei, Frank Fish, Terrie Williams, Russell Mark, and Sean Hutchinson


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