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Title: Trout Karman gait

Description: Trout swimming behind cylinders adopt a distinctive, previously undescribed pattern of movement in order to hold stationary, which we term the Kármán gait. During this gait, body amplitudes and curvatures are much larger than those of trout swimming at an equivalent flow velocity in the absence of a cylinder. The tail beat frequency is not only lower than might be expected for a trout swimming in the reduced flow behind a cylinder, but it also matches the vortex shedding frequency of the cylinder, suggesting a phase-locking mechanism.

Credits: George V. Lauder

References: Liao, James C., Beal, David N., Lauder, George V., Triantafyllou, Michael S. The Karman gait: novel body kinematics of rainbow trout swimming in a vortex street
J Exp Biol 2003 206: 1059-1073

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Contributed By: Tausif Billah

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