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Title: Pitot probe in supersonic Mach 1.5 underexpanded jet

Description: A supersonic Mach 1.5 air jet issuing from a converging 2.54cm diameter nozzle results in Mach 1 at the nozzle exit. A Prandtl-Meyer expansion fan issues at the nozzle lip and reflects on the opposing mixing layer as compression waves. These coalesce at around 1.1 jet diameter downstream, producing both a small normal shock and oblique shocks. The whole process gives to the jet a barrel shape.

The pitot rake traverses the jet at two different downstream locations. Oblique shocks appear at the tip of the Pitot probes (except behind the small normal shock region, which is subsonic) and are reflected in the mixing layer. These shocks are deflected as they go through expansion fans and compression waves.

Credits: Video by Jeremy Veltin

References: Veltin, J., and McLaughlin, D.K., "Flow Field and Acoustic Measurements of Rectangular Supersonic Jets", AIAA-2009-0019, 2009
Miller, S.A.E., Veltin, J., Morris, P.J. and McLaughlin, D.K., “Validation of computational fluid dynamics for supersonic shock containing jets”, AIAA-2008-2988.

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