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Title: Droplet breakup in microfluidic junctions: 1

Description: For isolated droplets placed in pure shear or straining flows in infinite media, it is known that the breakup process is initiated by the loss of existence of a steady solution. In such systems, a stationary state exists as long as the shear or the strain does not exceed some critical value. Above the threshold, the droplet indefinitely elongates, and eventually breaks up into two physically separate pieces. Microfluidic technology offers an opportunity to test some of these concepts in novel flow geometries. The breakup conditions are not just mediated by the geometry, but fully controlled by it. In particular critical length appears, depending on the flow geometry only, which controls the breakup conditions.


References: Laure Ménétrier-Deremble and Patrick Tabeling “Droplet breakup in microfluidic junctions of arbitrary angles” Phys. Rev. E 74, 035303(R) (2006)

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Contributed By: Patrick Tabeling

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