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Title: Sedimentation of a cloud of spheres at low Reynolds number - I

Description: This movie shows the bottom view of a settling cloud of spheres in a viscous fluid. The cloud is initially spherical. It then develops a toroidal circulation similar to that observed for a heavy fluid drop falling in an otherwise lighter fluid. However the spherical cloud of particles is unstable; it evolves toward a torus which further destabilizes into secondary droplets (see other movies).

Credits: B. Metzger, M. Nicolas, E. Guazzelli

References: Metzger, B., Nicolas, M., and Guazzelli, E.
"Falling clouds of particles in viscous fluids," J. Fluid Mech.
580 , 2007, 283-301

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Contributed By: B. Metzger, M. Nicolas, E. Guazzelli

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