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Title: Decelerating surge against an adverse slope at Fr=2.02

Description: Decelerating surge against an adverse slope at a Froude no. Fr = 2.02. Propagation of the decelerating breaking surge past the ADV unit (x = 5 m). Duration: 33 s, Q= 57.5 l/s, do = 70.1 mm, So = 0.0145, Smooth PVC invert, Gate opening after closure: 90 mm.
Note the slow propagation of the positive surge (bore) which will stop and transform into a stationary hydraulic jump [1].


References: [1] Chanson, Hubert (2008) Turbulence in Positive Surges and Tidal Bores. Effects of Bed Roughness and Adverse Bed Slopes. Hydraulic Model Report CH68/08, Civil Engineering, The University of Queensland.

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Contributed By: Hubert Chanson

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