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Title: A numerical simulation of a plunging breaking wave

Description: The video is from the numerical simulation of a deep-water plunging breaking wave. It was a two-phase calculation which used a Volume of Fluid (VOF) method to simulate the interface between the two immiscible fluids. Surface tension and viscous effects were not considered. The initial wave was generated by applying a spatio-temporal pressure forcing on the free surface. The video shows the 50% iso-contour of the volume fraction from several different perspectives. Significant air entrainment is observed as well as the presence of stream-wise vortex structures. (APS Division of Fluid Dynamics 2009 Gallery of Fluid Motion Winning

Credits: Paul Adams, Kevin George, Mike Stephens: Unclassified Data Analysis and Assessment Center, U.S. Army Engineering Research and Development Center. Kyle A. Brucker, Thomas O'Shea, Douglas Dommermuth; Science Applications International Corporation


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Contributed By: Kyle Brucker, Science Applications International Corporation 10260 Campus Point Drive, San Diego, CA 92121

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