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Title: Bubble dynamics under vertical vibrations

Description: A small (~4 ml) air bubble is contained in a cylindrical cell filled with distilled water. The cell is vertically oscillated and the response of the air bubble is observed from above with a high-speed video camera.

It is experimentally found that above a given acceleration threshold, the deformations of the bubble lead to its division. Prior to this division, the bubble takes a torus shape and then develops regularly spaced deformations along the torus centerline axis. Eventually, the torus breaks up. Above the threshold, the oscillations cause a growth of the number of bubbles present in the cell until a final steady state is reached. Thereafter, the number of bubbles in the cell remains almost constant with a nearly uniform bubble size distribution.

Credits: F. Zoueshtiagh, M. Legendre, N. Vandewalle and H. Caps


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Contributed By: Tausif Billah

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