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Title: Instability & Breakup of an Annular Liquid Sheet

Description: This movie shows the instability and primary atomisation of an annular water sheet under the influence of dual co-flowing air streams both inside and surrounding the outside of the sheet.

The airflow is axial (ie. has no swirling component). The sheet is 1.5mm thick and the whole nozzle is about 7cm in diameter. The images were taken using a PCO DIMAX high speed camera at 2000 to 5000 frames/sec, and slowed down so that the oscillations in the sheet surface can be seen. To the naked eye, at high velocity the spray appears as only a blurry mist. By slowing down the process, we can observe the incredible detail and complexity inherent in something which we rely on day-to-day, ie. the transformation of a solid mass of fluid into a mist of droplets. (ie. aerosol cans, pump spray bottles and fuel injection in cars , trucks and aircraft).

For more information see [1] and [2].

These experiments were conducted in the Laboratory for Turbulence Research in Aerospace & Combustion within the Dept. of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at Monash University, Australia. This video may not be reproduced without permission. (c) 2011 Daniel Duke

Credits: (c) 2011 Daniel Duke

References: [1] Duke, D., Honnery, D. & Soria, J. 2010 A cross-correlation velocimetry technique for breakup of an annular liquid sheet. Exp. Fluids 49, 435–445.
[2] Duke, D. J., Honnery, D. & Soria, J. 2011b A Comparison of Subpixel Edge Detection and Correlation Algorithms for the Measurement of Sprays. Int. J. Spray Comb. Dyn. 3 (2), in press.

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Contributed By: Daniel Duke

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