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Title: Photothermal boiling of a 1% copper nanofluid

Description: These experiments are conducted as part of research work attempting to analyze the differences in volumetric vs. surface-based (liq.-vap.) phase change. The bright (white) spot in the center is a focused 130 mW, 532 nm CW laser hitting the sample. There is quite a bit of interesting physics presumably going on in this video: size dependent scattering/absorption, thermal induced flow, optical control of bubble formation, thermophoretic motion, buoyancy driven flow, particle agglomeration, etc.


References: Taylor, R.A., Phelan, P.E., Adrian, R.J, Otanicar, T., Prasher, R., "VAPOR GENERATION IN A NANOPARTICLE LIQUID SUSPENSION USING A FOCUSED, CONTINUOUS" Applied Physics Letters, In Press.

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Contributed By: Robert Taylor - Arizona State University

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