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Title: DNS of deformable capsules, fibers, and particles suspended in flow

Description: The lattice-Boltzmann method is a capable method for simulating multiphase and suspension flows[1]. This video demonstrates the capabilities of the coupled lattice-Boltzman finite-element formulation[2]. This method has shown to scale up to 65,536 cores on IBM Blue Gene/P architectures with 100,000's of deformable particles within billions of LB fluid lattice points[3].

This video was the winner of the best video presentation in the Gallery of Multiphase Flow at ICMF 2010 in Tampa, FL. All of the animations were made exclusively with ParaView by Kitware (

Credits: Jonathan R. Clausen, Daniel A. Reasor Jr., Jingshu Wu, and Cyrus K. Aidun

References: [1] Aidun & Clausen, Annual Reviews in Fluid Mech. 42:439-472, 2010.
[2] MacMeccan et al., JFM 618:13-39, 2009.
[3] Clausen, Reasor, & Aidun, Computer Physics Communications, 181:1013-1020, 2010.

Web Page: coming soon

Contributed By: Georgia Tech Lattice-Boltzmann Research Group

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